The photo booth, reimagined.

Ultra-shareable, live and in the moment content creation for brand activations, corporate events, conferences, festivals, retail and more.

Photo Booth Services

Our standard photo booth is a portable kiosk or booth designed to take pictures of you and/or your friends. You can use them as they are or you can use them with props. You also get a backdrop that can be designed to meet your requirements. This means our photo booth services are more than just giving you a photograph-taking machine.

When we rent our booths, we have professionals who accompany them. They are responsible for setting it up, hosting your guests, handling any issues that may arise, and tearing it down when you are done. You can choose to get our open or enclosed booths. This is determined by your likes and dislikes as well as what you plan to do with the photo booth.

Photography Services

Marvelous Shots is a professional photography and video service that works with you to offer photographs and videos for a plethora of purposes. They include anything from functions such as weddings and birthdays to advertising and web development. We use film or digital cameras to ensure we light and stage anything you want to be photographed or videoed.

Our favorite thing about photography is we can travel back in time through magical images. This way, we help you relive memorable moments and ensure you always have something to remind you of a special occasion.

About Us

Whether you’re partying with friends, family, co-workers, or classmates…

At Marvelous Shots, we aim to infuse your event with a level of glee and entertainment that you can’t find elsewhere. Our unique fleet of photo booths was designed to keep your guests charmed for hours, and to capture your most revered memories in a unique and sensational way.

There’s nothing wrong with a good selfie or a well-staged point-and-click, but we believe that the most special days in your life are worthy of a lively and one-of-a-kind picture-taking experience.

Our mobile photo booth rental experience is set up so that we handle the lens and you have fun!

Photobooth Pricing

2 Hours

$ 300
  • 360 booth

4 Hours

$ 500
  • both booth

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